Please Note: As of January 1, 2007, VectorNet will no longer be accepting new clients.

Since 1997, VectorNet has specialized in software development, network administration, and IT security.  A Microsoft Certified Partner for over six years, we have proven experience designing, building, and managing integrated solutions using the Windows Sever platform.

VectorNet is the original publisher of Active WebMenu, a menu and toolbar component for Internet Explorer.  Used by web developers  and companies all over the world (including HP and IBM), Active WebMenu is the best choice for putting native Windows menus and toolbars inside a browser-based application.

In 2009, the core codebase for Active WebMenu was released as the open source project QSAPI (Quick Start API) Menu.  The full commercial product, including documentation, samples, and Visual Menu Builder, can still be downloaded and purchased at

If you would like to inquire about the purchase or licensing of intellectual property (IP) owned by VectorNet, please forward your request and contact information to


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